Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks Peel off, Mud & Sheet Masks by 7th Heaven

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Var HEA 101

7th Heaven Face Masks

We're Veggie herbalists and we pulp the fruits, Squeeze Olives, press flowers & herbs and collect the mud to pamper you

Extensive range of face masks as follows:

MUD FACE MASKS - Thick, rich, earthy mud that cleanses skin to its core

PEEL OFF - Like a second skin, it peels away dead skin cells & removes unsightly dirt & grime deep within pores

SAUNA FACE MASKS - Gently warm to open and cleanse pores & draw out deep rooted impurities

EXFOLIATING FACE MASKS - Intensely buff and polish away dead cells, giving skin a refreshing boost

GEL FACE MASKS - Cleans up, refreshes & soothes skin

SHEET FACE MASKS - Revive tired, stressed out skin leaving it smooth and rehydrated

Each face mask is equivalent to one application

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