Max Factor

Max Factor used to be the makeup of Hollywood’s Golden age, being used just for mov-ie and film stars until 1916 where they decided to sell their products to not just the movie and entertainment industry- they started to sell them to everyday people. In 1916 Mr Max Factor decided to sell his eyebrow pencils to the public and never looked back. From what started as just a simple eyebrow pencil to now today Max Factor is one of the most popular and trusted brands in the cosmetic industry. With a massive range of products to suit every-one and every lifestyle, from glamourous looks to everyday looks, they really have it all. Here at GStores shop the latest Max Factor mascara’s and products as well as some staple favourites like the Creme Puff and Pan Stik Foundation. Explore the world of Max Factor be-low and get your glam on!

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