Hair Dye Guide

Temporary Colour

Temporary hair colour is available from Gstores in mascara’s, gels or sprays. This type of hair colour is typically brighter and more vibrant than semi-permanent and permanent hair colour. Temporary colour is most often used to colour hair for special occasions and is often used in unusual shades for events, parties, costumes, and Halloween. The pigment molecules in temporary hair colour cannot penetrate the cuticle layer (first layer of the hair). Instead, the colour just coats the hair strands and washes out with shampoo. Although, if the hair has been lightened and is extremely light blonde and damaged, temporary colours can stain the hair - in particular, the darker colours, causing the temporary colour to not fully wash out on the first wash.

Permanent hair colour

Will cover grey hair. It has the ability to lift and deposit colour into the centre of your hair shaft. It contains ammonia to swell the cuticle of your hair and it allows the colour to enter the cortex of the hair and will change your natural pigment, or 'melanin' (the colour of your hair), and it will stay locked in there. Permanent is used to colour darker, and lighter (with the use of a lightener of course). Permanent is permanent and will not wash out. It will fade, or lose its sheen, but the pigment itself will stay in your hair. This also applies when using bleach kits – which are designed to strip out the natural melanin in your hair leaving it ‘naked’ this can vary from orangey tones to white tones depending on your natural hair shade.

Semi-permanent hair colour

Available from Glitterstore in several brands. The colour molecules are much smaller than the permanent colour molecules, therefore when you use this dye, the colour only partially penetrates the hair, meaning that this colour will overtime wash out of the hair. Semi-permanent can not lighten the hair. It is most safe for those with overly damaged hair because it contains no ammonia. You won’t get as even of a colour all over with semi-permanent hair colour. Some hairs may take differently than other, so a strand test should always be carried out to establish the time best suited to be left in. It will not cover grey hair. To obtain a stronger more vibrant shade a bleach kit should be used to pre-lighten hair first.

Hair Dye FAQs

Does hair length affect the amount of colour required?

Yes. If your hair is longer than shoulder length or very thick, you may need two packs to fully saturate your hair. Also, keep in mind that the ends of long hair tend to absorb more of the colour, so the processing time may be different for you the ends.

Does hair type make a difference?

Hair type makes a difference to the timing required for the colouring process. An important consideration is hair's texture—when the individual hairs are coarse (large in diameter) or fine (small in diameter). Coarse hair generally takes more time to absorb colour, so it requires longer processing time; fine hair generally takes less time to absorb colour so it requires a shorter processing time. Hair that's dry or has chemicals from previous treatments may absorb colour quickly too. Because several factors affect timing, we always recommend a strand test—it's a good way to predict the colouring time and shade it will come out.

Should I cut before I colour?

At home you should generally colour your hair first before cutting – primarily because most hair is best cut wet, and you shouldn’t shampoo hair straight before colouring, as it will remove the natural oils on your scalp, that protect it during the colouring process.

Should I shampoo before colouring?

You generally shouldn't shampoo immediately before colouring because this will remove the natural oils that protect your scalp during the colouring process. It's best to shampoo 12-24 hours before colouring with a ph balance shampoo such as la riche pre colour.

Can I mix and match shades?

Yes, we would recommend customising your hair colour shades at home by mixing shades manic panic also do a PASTELISER /MIXER which allows any shade to be made pastel! coloured.

Should I condition after colouring?

This is not required as all colours we sell contain conditioner and will leave your hair soft and shiney.

When should I re-colour?

Semi-permanent hair colour will last from up 8 to 24 shampoos dependent on the your hair type and how you look after it —if you wash your hair every day, that's up to about 4 weeks, maintain colour longer by using a colour shampoo and conditioner. If you want to maintain a vibrant colour you can add a little colour back in every time you shampoo.


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Hints and Tips

Shampoo hair with a pH acid balanced shampoo

Shampoo the hair with a pH acid balanced shampoo, we recommend La Riché Pre Colour Shampoo, this will give the hair the correct acid balance, allowing hair colour to achieve the best results.

Comb hair colouring into the hair until it emulsifies

Comb hair colouring into the hair until it emulsifies, i.e becomes frothy, the pigments will have penetrated in to the hair, lighter shades may require a little more combing. We sell manic panic hair tool kits that contains cap, gloves and tint brush.

Processing time is between 15-30 mins and more

Processing time is between 15 and 30 minutes or more – use your strand test to establish what is best for you, a plastic cap will contain the heat on the hair helping to achieve a better result.

Rinse hair thoroughly

Rinse the hair thoroughly away from the face with warm water until all the residue dye has been removed.