Scitec L-Glutamine Unflavoured 300G

Scitec Nutrition L-Glutamine Powder 100% Unflavoured Glutamine Amino Acid 300g
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GS 101185

Scitec Nutrition L-Glutamine Powder 100% Glutamine Amino Acid 300g

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human blood

Glutamine may become conditionally essential in certain situations including intensive physical training when the body cannot meet its need by synthesizing glutamine

This conditionally essential amino acid can be provided by dietary protein intake including food supplements

Warnings: Use this product in conjunction with food as part of a healthy balanced diet not as a substitute for such

Keep out of reach of children

Don't exceed the recommended daily dosage

Nutritional Information per serving (6g)

L-Glutamine : 6000mg

Directions: Mix 1 serving (6g) in 250ml water or any other favourite liquid per day and shake vigorously

Use before, during or after or any other time like before going to bed

Scitec Nutrition L-Glutamine is also Available in 600g size

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