Stargazer Chunky Confetti & Shapes Glitter Shaker

Stargazer Chunky Confetti & Shapes Glitter Shaker All Colours
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Var SG 170

Stargazer Chunky, Confetti & Shapes Face & Body Glitter

Chunky glitter is so in at the moment, from Instagram bloggers to celebrities sporting the latest trend, why not jump on the sparkly bandwagon?

The chunky glitter and shapes from Stargazer are highly reflective, easy to apply and look amazing!

They can be applied to the eyes, face & body using a fixative gel, which helps it stay put!

They can also be fixed on nails with nail glue or applied to wet polish and sealed with a clear top coat, perfect for designing quirky and sparkly nail designs.

For glitter roots or glitter hair which is perfect for festivals, apply the glitter to the hair using wax or clear hair gel.

The chunky glitter and shapes, are perfect for festivals, holidays, parties and nights on the town.

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Colour Blue, Gold, Green, Multi, Pink, Purple, Silver, Turquoise
Effect Glitter
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